Model Rail Maj 2012

Model Rail Maj 2012

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Model/Varenr.: MR052012
Highlights include:
· New Limited Edition Loco

We unveil our next exclusive ready-to-run ‘OO’ gauge locomotive. But you’ll have to buy the magazine to find out what it is!

· Biggest ever news section

Exclusive pictures of Hornby’s Thompson coaches and other highlights from leading manufacturers.

· Bachmann 2012/13

Ben Jones and Ben Ando report on another ambitious new range of ‘OO’ and ‘N’ gauge models from Bachmann and Graham Farish.

· Reviews

Dapol’s new ‘A4’ and ready-to-run signals, Hornby’s umber & cream ‘Brighton Belle’ and Bachmann’s new ‘Cities’ are the stars of this month’s selection of new models.

· Layout: Castle Works

Paul Rolley had to contend with a two-month deadline and a tight budget when he built this homage to Cardiff’s steel industry.

· Feature: By Royal Appointment

Chris Leigh shows that there’s more to Royal Train operation than just a clean locomotive and claret coaches.

· Layout: Stapley

Faced with a partially completed layout and a looming exhibition deadline, Phil Haskins had no choice but to teach himself how to make scenery.

· Basics: Drill small holes

Drilling into baseboards is one thing, but what about delicate items such as models? George Dent shows you how it’s done.

· Test: Neo Wonder

There’s a new budget airbrush on the market and George Dent has put it to the test.

· Skills: Make your own trees

Peter Marriott reveals the secrets to making great-looking trees.

· Skills: XPO Express

Dave Spencer guides you through the weathering techniques needed to create suitable ex-private owner coal wagons for 1950s/1960s layouts.

· Supertest: Grasses & flowers

Peter Marriott shows you what you need to re-create Mother Nature’s vibrancy in model form.

· Project: Fulfilling the freight fantasy

Just because a locomotive didn’t exist, it doesn’t mean you have to skimp on the detail.

· Project: Improve the Hornby ‘VEP’

David Deadman has come up with a few refinements for Hornby’s ‘4-VEP’.

· Project: Introducing Polbrock

Chris Nevard builds a basic baseboard as the foundation for his latest micro marvel.

· Project: Improve Dapol’s coach kits

Chris Moorhouse assembles Dapol’s LMS 57ft coaches, and suggests how to improve them.

· George’s Diary

George Dent finds that there’s still plenty to see at Crewe.

· Layout: Holby St George’s

Shaun Gates took inspiration from a well-known television series to create this compact urban layout.

· Layout: Greenvale

Alan Simmonds explains how he created the superb greenery on his ‘OO’ gauge work-in-progress.

· Q&A

Your modelling questions answered by our experienced expert modellers.

· Backscene

More modelling miscellany with Chris Leigh.

· Next Issue

A teasing glimpse of our special issue dedicated to all that’s best about the East Coast Main Line.