Classic Trains Sommer 2011
Classic Trains Sommer 2011
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Classic Trains Sommer 2011

The Road to Rescue
By Don Phillips
Amtrak's creation was about saving freight and passenger trains

See more photos of pre-Amtrak last runs on Penn Central, Santa Fe, Delaware & Hudson, Missouri Pacific, Union Pacific, and other roads. Also, read the legislation that created Amtrak.

Ride 'Em While You Can
By J. David Ingles
A weeklong trek in April 1971 netted 8 new routes and the last Alco PA's

View the entire consists of the trains J. David Ingles rode on his trip east

Ghost Train to Cleveland
By William Benning Stewart
On the eve of Amtrak, a first-class farewell to the New York Central passenger legacy

Growing Up with Amtrak
By Bruce Goldberg
Joining the new endeavor in 1972, our corps of young employees found an atmosphere of adventure and entrepreneurship

See the detailed rosters of cars and locomotives Amtrak acquired from member railroads

Disbanding the Tribe
By John W. Barriger IV
The men who had made Santa Fe's passenger trains among the best in the nation took care to protect the legacy of the famous fleet of Chiefs

See two messages from Santa Fe presidents, Fred Gurley and John Reed

Streamliner Curtain Calls
By Karl Zimmermann
On the Southern and the Rio Grande, the traditions of the great trains lasted beyond May 1

Curves+Hills+Bridge Traffic=2-6-6-4
By Bert Pennypacker
Seven big articulateds, the first of their type, put little Pittsburgh & West Virginia on the locomotive map

Birds-Eye View: On Detroit's Riverfront
By Jerry A. Pinkepank
A coachyard and a boatyard, from a big bridge

Photo Section
Southern Pacific, Minneapolis & St. Louis, The Peoria Gateway, Virginian Railway, Piedmont & Northern, Milwaukee Road, Pacific Great Eastern, Rio Grande Southern, Rutland, Chesapeake Western

The Shaughnessy Files: The Swamp Rats
By Jim Shaughnessy
In 1956, Argent Lumber provided a last look back at 19th century railroading



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