Classic Trains Efterår 2011
Classic Trains Efterår 2011
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Classic Trains Efterår 2011

Steinheimer Rides UP's Park City Local
By Richard Steinheimer, Shirley Burman
A renowned California photographer savors the relaxed ways of a Utah mixed train in 1953

Summer of Love
By Michael Gross
While young people were feelin' groovy all across the nation, one train-smitten college kid was having a blast as an extra-board fireman on the C&NW out of Chicago

Watch video clips of C&NW trains in action from Herron Rail Video

First 2 + 101 = Disaster
By Ed King
Analyzing a 1926 head-on collision on the Southern helps us understand human error, and offers stark comparisons with our 21st-century world

Photo Section
All color! Soo Line and Baltimore & Ohio Chicago Terminal Railroad, Great Northern, Northern Pacific, Chicago Union Station, New York Central, Lackawanna, Erie Railroad, Long Island Rail Road, West Side Lumber Co., Meadow River Lumber Co., Union Freight Railroad

The Shaughnessy Files: Hippo Country
By Jim Shaughnessy
PRR's ponderous class I1 Decapods made a dramatic last stand on the bucolic Elmira Branch

See more Elmira Branch photos by Jim Shaughnessy

The Little White Frame House by the Tracks
By Jack Elwood
How a curmudgeonly engineer's curiosity led to Christmas gifts, an excursion train, and a love story

Great Photographers: Harold K. Vollrath
By Fred B. Furminger
A Depression-era engine picture kid also produced fine action photos as he turned his passion for steam locomotives into a 46-year railroad career

See additional photos from Harold K. Vollrath's collection

Bird's-Eye View: St. Louis from a Blimp
By Larry Thomas
Union Station's throat, Tower 1, and environs in 1923

La Crosse's Streamlined Station
By Joseph H. Hunter
Burlington's 1940 Lannon stone depot was more in keeping with the Zephyrs' image, and helped speed up schedules

Editor's Page
Railroaders' ties that bindContributors
Meet this issue's crewHead End
Delaware & Hudson • Rock Island • Obituaries: Richard Steinheimer, Curtis L. KatzFast Mail
Letters from our readersTrue Color
Kansas City's first flyover bridgeFallen Flags Remembered
Lehigh ValleyClassics Today
A grand display at La Crosse, Wis.The Way it Was
How far can you travel for 15 cents? • Master of the E&W Turn • Self-contained helper powerCar Stop
Baltimore's PCC eraReady Track
New books and new audio CDsSecond Section
New Hope's iconic depot • St. Louis, 88 years later • Still in the ATSF 'family'Bumping Post
Pennsy and Reading in Harrisburg""


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