Auhagen 99303 Au-BOX - 10 stk.
Auhagen 99303 Au-BOX - 10 stk.
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Auhagen 99303 Au-BOX - 10 stk.

Internal dimension 300 x 60 x 50 mm Foam 330 x 130 x 8 mm
Storage and transport boxes for locomotives and coaches.You have collected many locomotives and coaches or wagons in the course of years, and you are proud of this.But gradually many original packagings have lost much of their earlier attraction. These attractive boxes, which come in three different sizes, help restore the former splendour. Printed cardboard boxes with clear window. Box of sturdy microcorrugated board. The foam insert protects your stock from damage. Boxes are shipped collapsed. The fold-ing boxes are easy to assemble


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