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Auhagen 42509 Baggrund Döllnitz by
Auhagen 42509 Baggrund Döllnitz by
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Auhagen 42509 Baggrund Döllnitz by

The background shows landscape of the counties of Torgau/Oschatz, Riesa/Großenhain and Döbeln, with the River Elbe in the background and the Döllnitz Valley in the foreground. This is also the home of the Döllnitzbahn, a 750 mm narrow gauge railway: virtually all of its rolling stock is available as models. If the landscape is detached, the sky portion with its dramatic clouds is ideal for diorama builders. Can be extended with art. 42 510.
3 sections each 97 x 68 cm

Total size 291 x 68 cm
AU 42509 (4778)


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