Auhagen 42508 Baggrund Wolkenstein
Auhagen 42508 Baggrund Wolkenstein
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Auhagen 42508 Baggrund Wolkenstein

The mural comprises 5 pictures - each 66 cm - which together make up a panorama of the town of Wolkenstein and its castle. These reproductions of colour photographs provide an attractive focal point for your layout and the effect is heightened when the background wraps around to include one narrow side of the layout. The matt finish is nonreflecting and the mural is suitable for all scales. The height of the picture can be cut to fit any requirement. Suggestions for mounting: The pictures should be used in the order indicated and can be mounted on any waterproof background. The addition of 25% latex adhesive to the glue guarantees firm bonding. Total size 330 x 47 cm.
AU 42508


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