Auhagen 11390 Bondegård
Auhagen 11390 Bondegård
Auhagen 11390 Bondegård
  • Auhagen 11390 Bondegård
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Auhagen 11390 Bondegård

The plain brick architecture is typical of the north area. This model is ideal with the Prussian railway structures. Only the farmhouse itself is decorated with the red brick corners and the frieze. The wash house, stalls and hayloft are in the adjoining building with its corrugated iron roof. The barn has a drive-through archway, timber beams and a hayloft, with stairs up to it. The wall supports are both functional and decorative, and the adjacent shed can be used for tools and farm implements. The doors of the office building have fine interior and exterior detailing, so they can be installed open or closed.
Farmhouse 135 x 125 x 93 mm
Adjacent building 138 x 52 x 56 mm
Barn 236 x 110 x 102 mm
Total area 353 x 236 mm
AU 11390 - U


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